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2016.8.6 Grading Test Ceremony

Date: 6th August 2016

Venue: Gulshan-1, Dhaka

Karate-do MAC Japan Bangladesh Branch recently held a belt grading test at Gulshan Branch. Several numbers of students took part of view of their grades and belts. The grading test was conducted under the personal supervision of Country Representative Sensei Mohammed Ali, Head Branch Chief Sensei Kulsum Akter Kakon and Executive Member Kamrul Hassan.

As usual Parents were present in the Ceremony, with great enthusiasm and excitement they look upon their child, that how they performed. For parents, their child is a role-model to do magnificent work. The students are “Iridescent” to their guardians, the students develops/changes their self-esteem from time to time when they learn things right from different angles.

The training instructors have pushed the students farther physically and mentally than what is possible when a student walks through “the door as a freshman, white belt earned, to get back into martial arts”. Those last several weeks of practice was lead to success today to the students, to be promoted to next stride is not very anxious but is the grading experience of each individual that no one will ever forget. To be promoted in front of every instructor and mentor is great incredibly challenging.

About 20 students took part in this ceremony, Karate-do MAC Japan Bangladesh hopes that these students will do more hard work and develop their skills rapidly and strive to gain more knowledge and leading skills of what is called ‘’Karate’’.

Thank you very much,

Cheers for good work!



Promoted Student’s List:


Orange Belt:

  1. Armella Naveen
  2. Shafiul Islam Opu


Blue Belt:

  1. Zarif Khan
  2. Zaryab Anwar Chaudhury
  3. Ahnaf Shafi Chaudhury
  4. Rayhan Hossain Rohan
  5. Ajmaeen Basher
  6. Areez Azad
  7. Abid Ahmed
  8. Munim Islam


Yellow Belt:

  1. Md. Shaikh Shuaib Sami
  2. Nusrat Jahan
  3. Rejwana Islam
  4. Raveed Dewan


Navy Blue Belt:

  1. Aryan Ferdous Siddiky
  2. Anousheh Farheen Siddiky
  3. Uzair Mishdeh Huda
  4. Sirajum Munira Meem
  5. Ahmed Safwan Sameer


Purple Belt:

  1. Aariz Wade Kabir